Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Photshop Journey!

now my free trial is done! and I just kinda figured out how to use it! I'm glad I used it to full advantage, and fufilled one of my childhood dreams...morphing!! It's morphin time...

                               Saber Tooth Tiger!!

Seriously funny!

But So very true!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toddies listen up!!

"The End of The End" - this thing writes itself!! (with a little help from Charles Picco and Craig David Wallace)

Lots more updates to come, but we thought you'd all like to know where we're at with the animated movie wrap-up for Todd & the Book of Pure Evil.

Note to self: call someone a #ScriptRooster

Girls Aloud - Ten The Hits Tour 2013 Full

I'm still sad I missed it, but this helps!Despite the 'call me maybe' cover, I'd prefer they just do one of their songs i.e. Watch me go. At an impressive 1:23 minutes it would have been nice had they done a few more. Since this was their last tour, for the forseable future. I think the oUT Of cOntrOl tour was a tad bit better than this one. Still Whole lotta History and Untouchable still give me chills!!

From the Vault...

Wow look at those fresh faces and now RiRi is the only one you see, and what difference from 2005!  Big ups- to ma grrl Teairra MARI!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quite a good version of the opening.

Margaret Cho- IN TRANSITION Ep 1- "Fresh Out the Big House"

                                                 More comedy gold as Margaret and co turn it up in this 'real' life dramady about being in transition! who can't relate.  Sadly they only run at about 3 minutes a piece, and there are only 13 episodes.  Season finale next Wednesday!  Hopefully when they coe back at least a full five minutes! I can't wait, Watching all of them was totally suspensful, I know it's spose to be a comedy, but whoooooo!! feel me!

Monday, September 23, 2013

They should be a four peice!

Particularily this four pie
ce!This was a back to form performance indeed.  You definatly noticed when Rochelle was away. With Frankie missing it seems they can all flourish a bit more. Plus even when Una and Rochelle were pregnant they still rocked it! Have you seen the slick video to this song?  It's really pumping the non pregnant girls, ha, go figure, my point being the times we do see poor ms.Sanford she looks like a dear in the headlights or Britney from the gimme more video(yes I just said that).

Whatcha say mr.Luvable?

Raiding homes is Ridiculous!

This is why events such as the Olympics should be boycotted.  Cher said no to performing for the opening, Selena Gomez canceled gigs, Wentworth Miller came out!! You know that wasn't easy, well I know because I did it. But I ain't no hetero sex symbol!  Maybe not boycotted but moved to a different location.  I read this article where this out and proud Olympic athlete said he would still go. This is such a moral dilema, If I spent my life training for this moment I'd probably say I would go to, but I would feel so guilty. 

  All I know is my sister got married in Jamaica, and I chose not to go because of the gay issue there.  I know i'm a white tourist, but still I can't actually support that!  Not so close to my sister, but I would have went if it was say in this country!

Icona Pop - All Night (Official Extended Video)

Needless to say, after the first second of this video i was more excited about them as a group with a future! These are ma peeps, I love it!

Katy B - Aaliyah medley (Live at BBC Radio's 1 Big Weekend) Annie Night...

One of the any reasons KATY B is taking over the world!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

reason 101 why Selena Gomez rules!

Now that being said Popjustice is not the most reliable, but fairly.  What a rosey picture they do paint!  Her and Cher saying no to the Olympics!  I think it's fair to boycott!  What the fuck Russia!

Monday, September 9, 2013

NEW *The Saturdays - Disco Love

Love the Britney reference, love the video and clothes, especially the 90's era. LOVE MOLLIE! Frankie I know your pregnant, but lets get it together!  But awesome video! Can't wait for the new album 'Living for the Weekend' Due 0CTOBER 14! You better have this Itunes!!  However since your shouting out the 90's, shouldn't y'all have referenced more 90's hunx? Where's da love for LL?