Monday, September 23, 2013

Raiding homes is Ridiculous!

This is why events such as the Olympics should be boycotted.  Cher said no to performing for the opening, Selena Gomez canceled gigs, Wentworth Miller came out!! You know that wasn't easy, well I know because I did it. But I ain't no hetero sex symbol!  Maybe not boycotted but moved to a different location.  I read this article where this out and proud Olympic athlete said he would still go. This is such a moral dilema, If I spent my life training for this moment I'd probably say I would go to, but I would feel so guilty. 

  All I know is my sister got married in Jamaica, and I chose not to go because of the gay issue there.  I know i'm a white tourist, but still I can't actually support that!  Not so close to my sister, but I would have went if it was say in this country!

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