Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finaly some Charmed filler!

In what will never replace Charmed as one of my favorite witchy shows, the brand new lifetime series Witches of East End does a pretty good job! The series stars Julia Ormond as lead character Joanna Beauchamp, a witch and mother of Freya Beauchamp and Ingrid Beauchamp, who are part of the next generation of witches. Mädchen Amick brilliantly co-stars as Joanna's mischievous witch sister Wendy! The series is loosely based the book's plot, with one change being that Freya and Ingrid are unaware of their magical powers or heritage.  I love reading the novels as-well, because their always completly different!  Picking up where Charmed ended and Eastwick failed(though I think they could have worked it out with time, and the re-casting of Jamie-Ray Newman) .  We get right down to buisness of dopplganger's, curses, shapshifting, and yes even getting trapped in paintings (I can think of two Charmed episodes with that theme hehe).  Great special effects and was slightly scary.  I was worried I wasn't going to like Julia but she's amazing.  Buffy alum Tom Lenk makes an apperance as the 'gay' co-worker that does a fertility spell. Haha, though Tom you still basically are playing Andrew.  I see a few other faces i've seen of course one in particular was the hot black guy from Eastwick, not sure of his name, don't care enough to look, but you know!  At the end of the episode the only character I didn't particularly like was Freya's finace, but thats probably because she's torn between him and the smoldering bad guy! Too witch we all have an affinity for.  So I can't wait till next Sunday as the mystery unfolds, the secrets get deeper and the magic gets explosive.   YAY!!!

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