Saturday, October 5, 2013

"If We Had Your Eyes" - Michelle Williams [Official Music Video]

The not quite brand new one from Michelle Williams. Yes I didn't say former Destiny's Child member, well just now, but not introducing her. Feel me?  I havn't actually watched it until now though it was released some time ago.  I don't hardly watch music videos, for they usually wreck the song for me. Crappy visuals +amazing tune = blah!  So I fight watching them until the wind is just right. 

Back to the video there is a couple of shocking moments, one of them being ms.LeToya Luckett's *cough former original member of Destiny's child cough* cameo! say what!?  I knew they hung out a few ties, but now this is ridiculously awesome! I feel that a duet is in order.  Especially if Letoya's still 'working' on her third album. Call it a mixtape who cares girl, it's long past due! hehe.  Still Michelle's new album "Journey to Freedom' will be out...soon?!

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