Friday, November 15, 2013


In what can only be described as AMAZBALLS, I have just witnessed a minisode fit for the history books. Not only does it mark the long awaited return of Doctor number 8 Paul Mcgann, it also answers the question of just where the hell does John Hurt come into play!! Thanks goodness.  The time war will be revealed!!  I'm getting excited!!  They should probably do a Paul Mcgann series at some point, lets see how he got to this point!!  Steven Moffat says he's figured out the 12 regeneration rule, well if you get stuck stevie, at the end of doctor number 12s  run, (if you havent run it into the ground) go back and give us ore 8. Why don't you just do both at the same time, if there can be athousand different C.S.I.'S or Law&Orders, Id say with Torchwood and Sarah Jane no longer on the air, there can certainly be two Doctor Who shows!! what what!!

Also below is a link to the trailor for Adventures in Space and Time. A new special about the origins of the doctor!!

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