Wednesday, October 8, 2014

well...of course.

According to and stupid internet quizes everywhere my "vampire soulmate is John Mitchell from Being Human. As a bit of a homebody who would rather stay in than go out, you tend to be drawn to guys you’ve been friends with first and Mitchell is the best friend you’ll ever have. Plus, that gives you time to really develop your feelings. He’s loyal, a good listener and can comfort you when you’re upset. Plus, he’s very good looking, broody and sweet. He’ll always be there to make you laugh and put up with your odd quirks. With him you can completely be yourself. But beware, he does have a serious addiction, which may take time for him to conquer (or at least keep at bay). You are naturally very motherly and love taking care of others, so you will love taking care of him and vice versa. In other words, he’s your perfect match."

I'm sure glad they got this one right! he's so dreamy!!

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