Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Power/Rangers Adi Shankar Grinds my gears

Deboot MMPR, from the brilliant mind of Adi Shankar, joseph kahn directing, james vanderbeak as evil Rocky, katee Sackoff as Kim!! carla perez!!
so much controversy, saban, jdf(tommy) dont like it. guess what i dont like you. Everyone always say they want it dark but then when its actually dark they complain that its not true!! This is a 14min fan film, yes its like a theatrical traILER. yes it's for adults so everybody needs to stop freaking out! this is probably the only real pr film we'll really get. it was smart, intriguing, had plenty of homage moments(ie trini's funeral, cause yes in every reality she dies, because you just can't replace her!) and im so sorry you have a complex Karan Ashley and you can mention Aubrey dubois all you want but you'll still be #2. dont worry your good solid #2 and i have much LOVE FOR YOU! and now that thuy's gone you can just slide into whatever crew you want.

bUT I digress, the point being that this is probably what it would have been like. In this alternate universe, where theirs witches and galactic empires! i feel like everything is explainable, the guns isbecuase maybe that was at an earlier point, or guns are cool, haha. This was a short film thats why no blue in this cast picture. No adam or Aisha, cause they prob save tommy's butt in the end! OR Rocky killed them first and there was no time to show everyones funeral. Clearly we all know Rocky wouldn't betray his friends, but if this was a whole full 2hour movie we might understand it better! But i loved how eventually Kim and Jason were married even though it was rita? haha. i always liked those two together!
It explains everything everyone makes fun of (or at least the stuff i have heard all my life), like teens saving the world, it's so cheesy etc. yes they totally would have PTS, or end up doing lots of drugs. It is on the downer side sure, but hey thats real life for some people. Shit getting out of bed causes me stress and im 29! and if they had more time they would have more funny things so that all the swearing and blood everybody seems to have a problem with wouldn't be so intense and in your face. Yes PR is for kids but even Super sentai was more adult. And this film is for adults. So lets just enjoy this awesome make believe thing that people werked so hard on because they love this just as much as you, and not nitpick things like where was blue? the machine empire was only in zeo! Clearly this isn't this first alternate reality we've seen int his franchise ie the actual first movie!!
and kids see all kinds of crap so dont try to tell me nothing!
Love how they actually made billy gay too, like im surprised no ones complaining about that!! James just gets better with age! ‪#‎PowerRangers‬ ‪#‎ihavealotoffeelings‬ quit trippin! Any new shit is good shit.

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