Monday, February 16, 2015

#PowerRangers Dream Team.

Every  body is always posting their dream teams, and ive thought long and hard about this. It was a very tough call but i did stick to the lowest number that wasn't six. I gave myself an extra since i was dreaming anyway.

First and foremost Trini Kwan played by the brilliant Thuy Trang. Obviously the leader of my team of Yellow!!
2nd in command and the 2nd Mighty morphin, Aisha is a clear 2nd choice. She'll provide solid and steadfast in Trini's shadow. (hehe sorry grrl, your great but...)
Rounding out the yellow with two other very strong and different perspectives are Luka Millfy original from Super Senai Gokaigers!! and Chip from Mystic force, he's ginger and was allowed to stay a boy!

Now with a dash of color because the yellow needs her grrl Pink I chose 2nd pink ranger Kat. I still love you Kim but i suppose kat was more relatable to me.
 Our Sixth and special ranger is of course Jason, the gold zeo!! touch of yellow right!! Makes perfect sense if Trini is the leader of this team.

UH-OH SURPRISE PLOT TWIST THE 7TH RANGER...and it's not Zack! I picked adam cause ...damn he's looking fine!!

honerable mentions: Maya, Lost Galaxy Yellow.  Maddison, Mystic Force Blue. Yoko, yellow GoBuster.

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